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Life is precious.  There is not a price you can put on someone’s life and yet we forget that among all things, life is most important.  I wear two wristbands that remind me of special people who are fighting to keep their lives.  I have written about both of them before and admire their strength and bravery as they have entered a battle with an unknown path before them.  I pray for them every night.  They motivate me to make “no excuses” when I want to quit on a run.  I have that choice – to quit – but they don’t.  They have to constantly fight and be at bring their “A” game to every scenario they face.  Anything I have to deal with in my life is minor compared to their sickness, healing, medical tests, and surgeries that are in their best interest to make them better.  Please pray for NZ and MP as they need every ounce of energy and wilfulness they can muster to get from one moment to the next.  As they would say, “Never give up!  Keep smiling!” and “Everyday is a miracle! Bring it ON!”  But how do we live our lives?  Do we live as if this day…these next 24 hours were our last?  What if we knew they would be?  Then, would the way we live our lives change?  You know they would.  But why do we wait until we have nothing to live for to finally believe that we have everything to live for?  We should start now and live every moment, every breath, every day as if it were our last 24.  I refuse to believe that we know when our time will come and for some reason, I never saw myself growing older. Maybe I could not imagine me being in my 60’s, with what I would look like or what I would be doing.  Everyone I know and those I don’t has lost someone they love and there is not one of you who wouldn’t wish for another 24 hours with that person.  Just to say all of the things you never got to.  To hold their hand one more time.  Sharing a smile and a hug would be a memory worth everything.  One of my favorite songs is “One More Day” by Diamond Rio.  Live today as if it were your last 24 hours.  And then be blessed tomorrow when you get another 24 hours. Happy Fun Dip Wednesday!!!

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