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Hello There! My Name Is Michelle A. Homme ...

Have you ever found yourself asking questions you didn’t know how to answer? Or maybe you found yourself in a place that that made you doubt who you are? We all have. I have been there myself and can help you learn to follow your compass and live the life that has been waiting for you.

My Mission

To inspire people by giving them permission to become their BEST selves. All growth is uncomfortable and sometimes, messy. Yet it is all necessary for us to evolve into the people we’ve always imagined. 

My Vision

To show people how changing their vocabulary, their attitude, their environment, and their effort will have a direct impact on how they live their lives. 

Words are impactful and carry great meaning

To date, I have written over 1300 quotes and published them to various social media sites. They have been featured and shared internationally. The words, content, images, and layout are the sole property of Constant Change, LLC and are protected under copyright law.

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We are inspired and moved by words and actions that create strong emotions. Sometimes, without warning. Whether that be to change our lives or to give ourselves permission to do what calls to us, we feel it. The authentic stories that stir our soul into a place of awakening is something we never forget.

Take time to plant:

Life gets a little hazy:

We find hope:

Life makes us strong:

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