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“No man can walk out on his own story.”  I heard this line in a movie I recently watched and as most quotes do, got me thinking….What is your story?  Would people be surprised at what you would say?  I attended a benefit for a wonderful woman over the weekend who has given her heart and soul to her students and has forever impacted their lives in ways that can never be measured.  She had to endour struggles from a very young age with tragedy that I almost could not imagine and yet her smile and grace never showed this side of her to those of us that do not know her personally.  Now, she must take on her biggest struggle yet as she fights for her life with breast cancer as she also watches one of her son’s battle with colon cancer.  This woman MOVES me.  Our story tells people where we have been, with circumstances that we had no hand in playing a part in that dictate what lead us to here.  But, then, we get a chance to decide for ourselves and move in our own direction.  Maybe our plans change, again maybe because of unforseen situations, and then we move in another direction and find another way to make it work.  As I have looked deeper into my previous story (Act I), I understand more about how Act I brought me down the road that has led me to this part of my story, Act II.  We still aways have choices to make about how our story is shared, who hears our story, and where it leads us from here.  This is our story to tell and we can decide the ending.  How do you want others to hear about you and your story?  You are here for a reason and you are never alone in your quest to do all you can in the life you have been given so your story is complete.  Are you ready?

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