Seeing is believing

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Sometimes, until we see it, we will not believe it.  Even when we feel it, we want to dismiss it as unreal.  I know as that is how I once lived.  I never saw it, therefore it didn’t exist.  It stopped me in my tracks even when I could feel it.  Has this ever happened to you?  Even now, I don’t need to see it to believe it — I just have to feel it.  I have to trust it.  I have to keep my faith in it.  “It” can be anything that means something to you and “it” can change over time.  Most of us search for those things we long for, not ever realizing that what we seek could be what is directly before us.  Even when I read kind words that have been shared by others about how I might have come into their lives at just the “right” moment or say something that “sticks” with them for days, my first reaction is to dismiss them as being meant for someone else.  I am confident that those expressions of gratitude and love must be meant for another person, but not me.  For a long time, I did not believe that I was worthy of those kinds of sentiment, so it is hard for me to believe that I am worthy of them now.  But someone told me once that I deserved more and that I was worth it and I am always very humbled when people take the time to share these moments with me.  Seeing that smile on a friend’s face when you walk through that door tells you something…that you belong, that you are missed, that you are family.  Believing comes not just from seeing, but from feeling.  At that moment, it is not just about believing – it is about knowing.  Don’t question it when see it and never discount it when you feel it.  Together, seeing and feeling will guide you to always believe that what you have is real.

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