My Life Manifesto

This is what I know:

I have lived a false life, but not a life I am ashamed of.

I just have not lived my full, true life yet. I have sheltered thoughts and dreams at my own expense and have never given them a chance to come true. All this time, I believed I needed to be cautious and careful to protect myself from hurt and disappointment. I felt that this is all I have been worthy of and never did I tell myself that I deserved more. By being passive and allowing my life to unfold as it came to be, everything happened merely as a reaction to circumstances at the time.

Now, I realize that I am in control of how I choose to live my life.

Although past experiences and gained knowledge have dictated my previous outlook and perspective, I will use that to my advantage instead of justifying what is happening today as a result of what occurred yesterday.

I believe that living my life the way it was intended will be gracious and rewarding.

This attitude has been festering for some months now and my interpretation and respect for that which God has given me has new meaning just about every day. I have questioned when I should have just waited for the answers to come. But when the answers did not come at my appointed time, I grew inpatient and worried. I am dedicated to ensuring that this life be a success. I resolve to surrender to my true being and utilize those skills and talents so that I can finally be free. Only then will I begin to truly show the world what I can do. Other people’s perceptions of me may change, but I believe that living my life the way it was intended will be gracious and rewarding. I promise to see my whole soul in all that I do. I vow not to be afraid of all of the possible negative outcomes but to eagerly await new challenges that will bring abundant joy. I will welcome each day and appreciate the miracle it is. The passions of deeds left undone and words left unsaid will motivate me to be the person I so desire to be. I will choose to say what is in my heart when I feel it, instead of wishing that the moment would pass. I will do what is just and right and encourage others to do the same. Being afraid has left me sheltered, unfulfilled, and unhappy. We cannot change what our natural-born, God-given instincts are, yet we fight them every day. That is why we fail and continue to struggle. Today, that struggle for me is finally over. The above was written May 5, 2010. The manifesto is very much something I still feel – even 10+ years later. If has become the core of everything I am and although life will question me from time to time, it is still a solid foundation of my purpose.

My Mission

To inspire people by giving them permission to become their BEST selves. All growth is uncomfortable and sometimes, messy. Yet it is all necessary for us to evolve into the people we’ve always imagined. 

My Vision

To show people how changing their vocabulary, their attitude, their environment, and their effort will have a direct impact on how they live their lives. 

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