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When you do the unexpected, people pay attention.  When you decide to break out of the every day mold that everyone else conforms to and holds on to because it keeps them safe.  I totally get that…more than you know.  When people follow their heads and do what is sensible and reasonable instead of allowing their hearts to lead them and love and dream, then we stay stagnant.  We never grow.  We never become more than what we have in front of us right at this very moment because that is all we seek.  People admire the courage in others they wish they themselves could find to not follow the same path, but their own path.  Surprises are fun and exciting and exhilarating and that is what life should be…a true adventure.  I didn’t think that for a very long time, but now I am no longer in that rut of “every day life.”  With the upcoming events that are happening in my life, perhaps the courage that you and I show others inspires others to take that step towards the unexpected as well.  Over the last few weeks, I have been wearing some blouses that I would never have worn before as I think they draw too much attention to me and are very busy.  However, in one day I received over 6 compliments from co-workers on how good I looked in my shirt for the day.  I wore something very unexpected for me and others noticed in a good way.  Here is the kicker…Rocky has picked out these ensembles and shirts for me and they always get complimented.  It is what she does.  Every once in a while, you have to shake things up a bit…keep people guessing…predictablility is really no fun.  So, here is your question for the day…what can you do today that is going to rock the boat a bit?  What little thing can you do that makes a person stop and take a glance around to really absorb what you just did?  Is there someone out there that would be surprised that you want to _____________________ (you fill in the blank)?  For those of us that do not like attention on ourselves, do not misunderstand my first sentence.  People will not really notice you, but what you did or said which is ALWAYS more important.  People look forward to expanding what they believe is real and what can be real.  But only you know the difference.  Do the unexpected.

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