Where do you find hope?

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Today, on my walk, it seemed like the theme of the songs was HOPE and that got me thinking…yes, again.  Where do you find hope?  Does it come where you think it will or unexpected places and people?  Mine comes from places I probably never would have picked or seen years ago.  I see the hope in the kids in my office who are looking for someone to listen…not take their side…but try to understand.  I see hope in the newly budded blossoms on my perennials and on the growing branches on our trees.  I see hope every morning when I see the sun greet me with its warmth and grace, as it promises me another day.  I see hope in the hugs and smiles I get from friends as I try to give them more of me every day.  I see hope when people around me take steps to really show the world what they can do.  I see hope in a 15-year-old boy who is recovering from an extreme 9 hour surgery to remove a tumor and repair his leg to “normal.”  He gives me hope every day and he never knows it.   I see hope in the words I write here as it gives you what you need in order to allow you to live up to your potential.  I see hope everywhere I look and it is a feeling that can take me to places I can’t even imagine yet.  Hope is out there, even when we think we cannot have any hope.  We have to hold on for as long as it takes to that hope and know that when everything is gone, hope always remains.

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