Because You Never Know (B.Y.N.K) ™

This Is How We Empower Today’s Youth!

An honest conversation about how to stay focused on the kind of person we need you to be

B.Y.N.K.™ is for youth ages 12-18, but is also ideal for young individuals who might be considered “underdogs” – the ones who don’t have a typical life and often have experienced consequences regarding decisions made in life. Some attendees have gotten in trouble with the law or kicked out of school, others express that life maybe hasn’t been kind, and there are abuses or addictions within the home, and many are seeking to learn ways to live life on their terms.

How B.Y.N.K. Works

This 6 session series (12 hours total) will build the foundation for strong, confident youth. Youth individuals will dig deep to determine what they truly stand for, they will rediscover that motivation is something found within, and they will identify what actions are needed to be the best version of themselves.

Motivation + B.Y.N.K. = living life on your terms

Motivation is something you find within you, and when you forget, I will be there to remind you. That not all things are what they seem, just as there no guarantees in life. Nothing is for certain.

I love it when I talk to a young person and “it” clicks. They get exactly what I am saying and, from that moment on, understand what they need to do to live life on their terms.

Powerful Notes From Michelle A. Homme

Each B.Y.N.K.™ has its unique “aha” moments, and I thought I’d share one … I’ve heard every excuse in the book – “I’m poor.” “I live in this part of town.” “No one has ever believed in me – why should you?” A young man believed I would not give him the benefit of the doubt because he felt everyone around him did not respect him. All I had to do was to show up one time, and he knew from that moment on that I would remind him to be better. I adapt to handling every kind of situation, so if $h@t hits the fan and you need someone to “clean up” a bit, give me a call. Also, if you see things starting to head in a certain way and want to head off anything before it gets bigger, I can handle that too.

Investment + Enrollment Details

The next B.Y.N.K.™ course will launch in 2021. This course will cost you 49 for 6 weeks and you get a free signed autographed copy of “It’s Time: Changing Your Life Starts Today!” (a $9 value!)


Michelle A. Homme is not a licensed therapist, counselor, or social worker. She holds no official state license or degree in psychology. 

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