Sunday Stories & Videos

The authentic stories that stir our soul...

We are inspired and moved by words and actions that create strong emotions. Sometimes, without warning. Whether that be to change our lives or to give ourselves permission to do what calls to us, we feel it. The authentic stories that stir our soul into a place of awakening is something we never forget.

Being Authentic

Find Hope

Believe in something good. Even if we don’t know when or how. Finding hope in moments of struggle is how we keep moving forward.


No one gets through life without other people and today, I recognize my friends. Because those are the people we choose to include in our lives because they believe in who we are.

Gratitude and Grace

Expressing gratitude for grace offered to me – without an explanation. Let us remember to recognize our blessings and be thankful each and every day.

Life’s Truths

It Is What It Is

We can accept things as they are or we can focus on changing them. Especially if we have the power to change them. Let the things you cannot change bring you peace.


We know what we know once we become aware of knowing. Our perspective changes when we choose to be open to all everything that is available to us.

3 Moments of Life

Basically speaking, we have three moments throughout life. We must have balance between all three in order for us to live our best lives.

Self-Care and Wellness

3 Things to Give Ourselves

When it all comes down to it, there are three things we must give ourselves daily.

Mental Health

Our mental being is just as important as our physical being. We must continue to be intentional with being mentally strong.


Let us remember that we only need to take on what is directly in front of us. Not everything has to be done right now.

Pure Motivation

One Moment

If your life could be described in a single moment, what would you want people to remember?

Do it Anyway!

We can cheat ourselves out of doing something if we knew how things would end up – especially if they end up poorly. Should we still put in the time and energy, knowing there is no guarantee?

Ready or not!

Are we ever really ready? Maybe. Maybe not. It’s easy to run and hide. Lean in. Believe in who you are and take that leap.

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