Individual Coaching

Need motivation to get you find where you want to go...

Individual Empowerment Coaching

Michelle offers individual empowerment coaching to get you started. Over a three-month period, she will open your mind to new possibilities through honest conversations. Through your sessions with her, you will begin to take the necessary steps required for you to take control of your life.

Every step begins at the same place and we all begin somewhere. Through honest assessments, question and answer sessions, and guidance, you will find direction as you navigate the reason for the space you are in. Because even in the most difficult of situations will you find courage and strength you may have never found otherwise.

We are all motivated and empowered by different things and situations. As we discover where your heart and soul are wanting you to be, it is important that you learn to follow your compass. In addition, we will invite and embrace the challenges that help us overcome our fears as we move into a place of confidence and ambition.

Ready for new possibilities? Take Action With 3 Steps.

Review and ponder the questions below with an open mind and heart.

Fill out the form below, answering the questions with as much honesty as possible.


Michelle A. Homme is not a licensed therapist, counselor, or social worker. She holds no official state license or degree in psychology. 

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