What Michelle brings to the table

How many of us have ever wished we had done more? Maybe even said what our heart felt?

We are inspired by struggle, not from the lack of it. Because we all fall down sometime and need a little encouragement, feeling inspired is how we get back up. Inspiration is something that you is what you feel from an outside source — the motivation to do something different comes from you.

I have the privilege of inspiring people just like you — by giving you permission to search for and find your TRUE self. Showing you how to use your inner compass to begin a new journey, while passionately encouraging you along the way. 

Together, we develop a positive attitude, set our sights on goals, and challenge ourselves every day. Growing becomes your way of life, as you openly admit and yearn to listen to the voice of your hearts and follow their dreams.

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Michelle A. Homme is not a licensed therapist, counselor, or social worker. She holds no official state license or degree in psychology. 

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