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A New Year is Here!

Where did 2022 go? We blinked and now it is all a part of our past. 

Even though the year is still new, I find myself looking back at what transpired over the time I held. 

I recognize the path I started on was not the path I found myself in the end. I acknowledge that not all of my goals were met, and some may have had less-than- desired results. I discovered new places and found the most familiar one’s ever close to my heart. I treasured the people who love me deeply and set boundaries for those who do not feed my soul. 

Now what?

My Vision Board

Below you will see my vision board for 2023. Not everything I love or seek for my year is depicted and there is plenty of space to add what weaves its way into my life also. 

Some things will manifest themselves in ways I could never imagine while others will evolve from something small. I never would have put them together. 

You may notice like-things or see similarities. Some may surprise you while others will make you wonder.

I’ve have never done a vision board before, but when my friend, Amy, asked me to participate, I couldn’t say no. 

Design Your Life!

Live your life with more intention and determination. Choose what you want (and don’t want) in your life. Keep your standards high and hold onto your values. Especially when the world questions both. 

You hold the pen and even when life wants to add a few chapters you hadn’t wanted, you still can write the ending. 

It’s easy to want to a life that someone else has, but that life may not be for you, and you are not them. No life is the same and being grateful for all that you have allows for more to be given to you. 

Your life need only be perfect for you. Not for the world. 

  • What will your life be in 2023? 
  • How will it be different than 2022?
  • What challenges will you accept/lean into?
  • How will you grow into the person you were born to be?

Every day, we have an opportunity to live our best life. I shared a glimpse of what mine looks like…I cannot wait to see yours.

Michelle A. Homme, 2023 

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Design Your Life

A New Year is Here! Where did 2022 go? We blinked and now it is all a part of our past.  Even though the year

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