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Yesterday, I head into work with nothing really exciting planned, other than it is Fun Dip Wednesday and plan on it being a normal, average day.  By 9am, everything went haywire…but in an exciting, fun way.  Without letting the secret out, I shared a new website with a co-worker as we talked a little about Rocky and her store.  I explained that there were some big things happening this weekend with a Cinco de Mayo celebration that is going to be from noon until past midnight and that I was going to be staying as far away from that place as I could.  Before I know it, the mill (the rumor mill that is) gets running and now I am doing something I never thought I would do at 4:30pm with (hopefully) some good friends to cheer me on.  Other co-workers told me I was crazy and made other related comments to what I am doing on Saturday.  My Bronco buddy even shared this with Rocky, but I have not heard from her yet and I have been told she has the perfect shirt for me to wear (of course she does!).  What started as a little bit of teasing developed into something way out of my control.  When I called Mike to tell him, I seriously stunned him into silence.  Yes, I forgot to say, “PUMA!”  For those encouraging girlfriends who are not able to witness this once in a lifetime event, hope for proof via pictures or video.  Here is the moral to this post…take every opportunity that comes your way with open arms.  Even if you could say, “I would never do that!”  Try it – even once.  Laugh about it, even if you fall off.  Love the experience of it and put down the reservations you are holding on to.  Part of me is nervous about making a fool of myself, but I also want to be able to say, “I did that!”  I will keep you posted!!!  Have a great day!!

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