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The last couple of days have been a whirlwind and as much as I was kind of surprised at my nervousness of the little thing I am doing tomorrow (in front of people), I think I am more excited about it than anything.  I have no expectations and no worries…ok, maybe I worry that I will get injured.  But, I digress.  Tomorrow is about getting lost in the moment…about laughing at myself…being silly…surrounded by people who love me.  That is what I want.  That is what you should want too.  The moment doesn’t have to be world-changing or earth shattering…it just has to be you enjoying where you are and loving that you are there.  I get lost in moments that I would regret not being a part of if I had not been paying attention to them and really appreciating them for all they are and what they represent to me.  Simple things, like watching the sun come up with Rocky.  Hearing my husband coach his baseball team.  Maybe it is people complimenting our sons for a job well done.  It is because of this rollercoaster ride of life that we are on that we can get lost in those moments.  The moments come and go, but that does not mean that they mean less because of how long they last or how much they cost.  The memories will last a lifetime.  I encourage you to look for those chances life throws at you to see what you are going to do and get lost…really lost…in those moments that become your absolutely priceless possessions.  No one can take those moments from you…ever.  Hands up!!

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