Your Everything, part 2

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I had some time to think yesterday as I was driving to visit my college son yesterday and I was thinking about this posting the other day. I had just spoken to a very good friend and I admitted that I have not given this one chance at life my everything. Then, I thought about that more. I have learned that I have to forgive myself as much, if not more, than I forgive others for shortcomings. You may have the same thoughts I do – you have not given your life your everything. Then, I asked the question, “Did I give it everything I could AT THE TIME?” Was I capable of more, but didn’t give it? I do not know if I will ever know the answer to that question. When I first started running, I was out of shape, overweight, and a little groggy (at 5am) and could not run 100 yards without hoping the oxygen machine was at the end of that run. Did I give it my everything (whatever that consisted of at the time) when I first started running with Rocky? Yes, I did. That was my reality. Now, I have more to give, therefore I have to give more – everything I currently have. Being able to look back and wish we could change things is a great wish, but something that we can never do. We didn’t have then what we have now so our “everything” is different. If you live your life to the fullest, with what you currently have with your whole heart, then you can say you have given your everything. I am willing to push myself to be better than I was the day before – the fire inside is that strong and it will never diminish. My motivation is not something that I have felt in a long time and the passion is there forever. Whatever you have, whatever you are going through in life – give your life your everything. The best part is that the more you strive for more, you achieve more, you grow more, you are changed and because of that your everything changes every day. Give your everything everyday.

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You will not be sorry you did.


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