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Last year in 2010, I designated that year as the year of “Yes” – meaning that I would be open to new ideas, new adventures, and be open to risk. This year, I have designated 2011 as the year of “Why not?” – why not try to go farther than I ever have gone before, why not take more risks and chances to make myself better in every way. I recently received the February 2011 issue of Oprah magazine and found an article I want to share with you written by Martha Beck. It talks about what questions we need to ask ourselves in order to change our lives. There are 20 total, but I have narrowed it down to the 6 that seem to mean the most to me. I have started a separate journal to write down my answers and may post my reflections of those answers in later posts.

Here are the questions that I am focusing on:
1. What questions should I be asking myself? (try for at least 3 questions a day)
2. Is this what I want to be doing?
3. How do I want the world to be different because I lived in it? (live by design, not by accident)
4. How do I want to be different because I lived in the world? (in small ways or large, your life will change the world – in small ways or large, the world will change you.)
5. What do I love to practice? (Doing what you long to do, despite fear, will accomplish this.)
6. Repeat again, is this what I want to be doing?

I have to believe that we all have a place and purpose and we all want to leave the world better than it was when we got here. It has been mentioned to me that people have noticed that I am different and am not the same Michelle. I agree with that statement, but think this Michelle is so much better than the old Michelle. I feel more than I ever have and am more of “me” than I have ever let people see before. Why not let myself follow my heart instead of trying to dictate and plan my life? Why not figure out what feeds my passion and lets me “shine”? Why not try something new, even if it means I might fail? Someone once told me that whenever we try something new, that there are usually two feelings that go along with it – excitement and fear, but that she knew that she just had to try. I have to try at making this world better because I lived in it. I have to believe that I am better because of the world’s experiences have brought me here. Why not ask questions that I have never asked before and not just stop there – I have to answer these questions if I expect anything to change. “To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.”

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u have to do something you never did.” Why not?


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