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This week has been an emotional rollercoaster and I am really glad that the week is over. I was reminded this week that there are people out there that are lacking in self-confidence and are jealous so the way that they get to feel better about themselves is to put others down. Mildly speaking, I was thrown under the bus and then was dragged to the principal’s office to be questioned about the bus incident. Normally, I really do not pay too much attention to what others say about me, but when I feel that my character and integrity are questioned, I take that very personal. I guess I just never saw that my losing weight would result in harsh comments made by others. In addition to hearing about that, I also was reminded about how others might feel inadequate and are using me as their scapegoat so as to defer attention from themselves. It has been extremely difficult when those people who you thought would support you and stand up for you in those situations don’t. I have questioned others that I believe would tell me the truth about the things being said, and have even apologized to a few in case something I said or did might have been misconstrued. They all assured me that these comments being said about me were preposterous. I am not so naive to believe that everyone will like me all of the time – that would be impossible. However, when comments are said that bring in my boss and affect my work, then I have no choice but to become defensive. I have spoken to a few close friends about these latest issues and have felt better (yes, they are being my Micks) after having done so. As a reminder to myself, I wrote, “You are stronger because of what comes your way, not because of what doesn’t.” This is a reminder in my office and I will continue to tell myself this every day. I refuse to let them win, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. It would be easier of I knew what to do next and how to handle this, but we are doing the best we can. I have to get back up again and continue on my quest to be the me I need and want to be in this life. I have the same one chance you do and I have come too far to let it go now. When you are faced with these kinds of situations, dust yourself off, learn something, and get back up. Understand that no matter what, you will succeed and never let them see you where they want you to be. They don’t win, unless you let them.

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