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It has been time since we went to worship, but we went tonight. Whatever your religion and however you worship, I hope it brings you calm in an otherwise chaotic world. It always makes me feel better after going. The message today was joyful and mentions that we are Ambassadors of Hope when we sit in the emergency room, waiting to hear about a friend’s loved one; when we send a card to a family member just to say you were thinking about them; when we tell our story to others. Hope makes us believe that there is a tomorrow after today might have been the toughest day of your life. I cannot imagine what that must feel like having hugged a friend tonight who just buried her husband this morning. One of the songs they played tonight was “Lean on Me” and it reminded me that we all need to lean on others and allow others to lean on us too. Another woman shared how she lost her daughter in November to an illness, but she still carries hope. Even in tragedy, when we think that there is no deeper hole to be in, we can find hope. Hope in the kindness of strangers; hope in a smile from a friend; hope in a hug from someone you want to get to know better. When the decisions we make find us in circumstances we never hoped to be in, we have to find hope. It will define our character and mold us to appreciate what is really important. I dropped to my knees today and was humbled when I looked at what others are going through compared to me – there really is no comparison. Times like these remind us to be grateful and to find blessings where we are because they do exist. Show the world that you are thankful for your life and continue to show the world hope by your grace and forgiveness of others. Be ambassadors to each other, around the world. Together, we can change the world.

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