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Here it is.  It is RIGHT now.  I know what you are thinking…”I am not ready for this”…”Are you kidding me?”…”You are crazy!”  But, I am here to tell you that you have to push through that fear so that you can remember this moment…this VERY one.  Why?  Because this is the moment that defines you. Yep…this ONE!!  It defines all that you have been up until this moment and then what you decide what to do with it now that it is here.  Have you ever had an opportunity to do something great but let that moment slip by you like a brief, soft wind on a spring day?  And then only after that moment was gone reached out your outstretched hand as if to grab hold of something but it was no longer there.  It  was gone.  Forever.  It would never repeat itself no matter how hard you tried.  Sometimes, we have more than one moment that defines who we are and what we want the world to remember about us as we leave our mark on those we meet every day.  It can be found in those simple words that are deep felt and honest and allow us to understand one another.  It can be felt in the hug that you share with someone else as you embrace one another and the love you feel transfers between the two of you.  It can be seen in the smiles that absolutely make the days better as we share them.  As you sit there, reading these simple words and reflect on your life, can you remember that moment when your life changed forever?  Do you think that you have not had your moment yet?  If you knew it has already passed, would it bother you that you might not get another chance at it?  You know what…it doesn’t have to be that way.  Every chance you take on making this world better and stand up for what is right, you define your life and create moments that are tattooed on our souls forever. Being fearful of the greatness inside you can be scary.  I know.  But what if your little bit of greatness creates even more greatness in this world and we all start to live the lives we all want to live.  No one wants to admit those moments of inadequacies, but they come to us all.  If those moments are there for you to live, then choosing to NOT live them also define you as well.  Don’t let the moments define you…you define the moments.  And make them GREAT.

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