The crooked roads we take…

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Do you know where you are going?  If not, you will never know how to get there, that’s for sure.  Sometimes, I am not sure that I really know where I am going and more ideas and suggestions from friends keep me up most nights.  Maybe it is fear.  Maybe it is excitement.  Maybe it is a combination of both.  Last week, I was asked to share with a group of people how I got started blogging and I sit here chuckling to myself because I did not take a normal route.  I am not sure that I even saw the road that lay before me, and yet it started by taking one step.  I also have reread some of my journals that I wrote over three years ago looking for quotes to post here and on my Facebook account, I was reminded of the road I have travelled to get here.  It was also suggested that in these experiences, moments, and people that I have met along my way, that I am sure that I am exactly where I should be.   But sometimes, I feel like I have just been making it up as I go along.  Who doesn’t, right?  I don’t have a preset goal or plan and most of what I have before me happens on its own time, as it is meant to be.  We travels our own roads, with their own lessons, and move along to where the road takes us.  Maybe here will be something new around the corner.  Perhaps, a new acquaintance turns into a lifelong friend.  Even finding out what you can do because no one else will do it for you will take you someplace you never thought you would be.  Someplace you never dreamed of being.  And yet, even when you are making it up as you go along, you will also realize that you are one the road you are meant to be on.  You may be alone as you travel this road, but you should never be lonely.  The crooked road will make you smile as you had around the bend and look over your shoulder to show you where you have been.  There is no such thing as a direct route when it comes to life.  The destination is always clear, but you may have to get on the crooked road to get there.

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