But what if you forget?

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In the next few weeks, our oldest son will graduate from college and will move into his new apartment and begin his new life in a new city, three hours away from home.  I remember just a few short four years ago, when we were doing some similar things like moving him into his dorm room as he settled into college life.  That seems so long ago and yet like yesterday.  In another two years, our other two sons will be also off to college as they begin to “fly the nest”.  But what if they forget?   I know I won’t.  I know I don’t want to.  But sometimes, we forget…for a while anyway.  We get caught up what needs to be done today so we are ready for tomorrow and we forget about yesterday.  Have you ever done that?  Truthfully, we probably all could admit to it.  Maybe, we shamefully would lower our heads if we were really honest with ourselves.  Forgetting doesn’t mean that we are bad people or don’t remember those moments that mean the most to us.  It just means that we still have lives to live and we have to carry on. Sharing these moments allow them to continue to live…in others’ lives, in scrapbooks, and online.  There are times when I think I have forgotten something really important that I was supposed to do, when really I am way ahead of everything and am afraid of forgetting.  I don’t want to so I write daily tasks, appointments, and important dates on the several calendars I have in my home, in my office, and on my phone.  But those just help me keep track of what I have yet to do, not what has been done.  Not the accomplishments that our sons have achieved…not the moments that make me smile or make me cry…not the feelings that connected me to those that I love.  I cannot forget, even when I want to.  Even when I need to.  Words that were said that were hurtful can no longer hurt me if I hold onto them.  So what do you do?  You move on and try your best at putting those bad memories out of your mind as you hold onto the ones that bring you joy and make you smile.  In the next few years, my only wish is that our boys don’t forget their great memories and that they remember to “fly” home to the nest that will always welcome home.  No matter how far they travel or how long it has been. Remember where you come from and how you got here.  If you can do that, then you can never forget.

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