What’s at stake?

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What is at stake if you DON’T?  What are you willing to risk losing?  Have you done EVERYTHING you can to change the way things are right now?  Or have you given up?  We all have moments when we wish we could be better than we were.  There are always going to be times where we look back and wish that we had that opportunity again to do something different.  It does not matter what it is.  You can fill in the blank.  The permissions we grant ourselves for taking the “easy” road” will always come to mind and people almost expect that of us.  At least once a day, I have someone tell me to “slow down”.  My reply is usually something like “I don’t have time to slow down” or “that is when you start to worry about me”.  Some of you may say that “I choose this” and you will always be right.  I choose to risk more than I can gain.  I choose to never give up.  I choose to believe that doing nothing leaves everything at stake.  I choose to keep trying, even when I have nothing to show for it.  Excuses allow us those momentary fits of forgiveness that have to come from time to time.  If you do nothing, you risk nothing.  But, you also gain nothing.  Change is inevitable.  Nothing stays the same forever.  So, what are going to do with the guilt I just laid out there for you?  Here is what is funny about guilt — it only lasts when you focus on yesterday and what you regret.  You know how to get rid of guilt?  Let go of it.  Acknowledge its existence and then move on.  It does you no good.  Make today better.  Do more today than you did yesterday.  Never give up.  Keep trying on making it better.  The price you have to pay is far too greater than what is at stake.  After all, you get one chance to live this life you are granted.  Nothing is guaranteed.  Make these moments — these right here — the ones that make everything absolutely worth it.  Don’t give yourself the “easy” road all the time.  The challenges you will have faced will have taught you more than every imagined.  Because what’s in jeopardy if nothing changes is that you don’t grow.  You don’t reach your full potential.  You don’t fully shine.  What’s at stake?  EVERYTHING you want to be.  EVERYTHING you were born to be.

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