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This invitation is not meant to exclude any one of you and never will you forgive yourself when you miss the chance to make a difference in someone else’s life.  One of my favorite things is when I can see videos or hear about stories of complete strangers being kind to their fellow-man just because it is the right thing to do.  Not because anyone paid them to do it, not because someone put a plan into motion, or because of the kudos that would come their way when they did it.  Do you know the moments I am talking about?  The ones where everyone is watching, but a strange circumstance puts people in others’ path where someone caring more about another person becomes something that is mentioned over in stories…that is shared in pictures…or even something that is captured on videoe.  Another one of my favorites is when people can help a once in a lifetime moment come true.  Have you ever had a moment where you doing what you normally do comes back to you in a way when you are floored when you quietly whisper to yourself, “I didn’t think anyone was watching” or “I don’t think I really did anything that anyone else wouldn’t do”.  Have you ever been forced to take such a leap that you were so afraid of looking down so you just looked up instead?  Every day, moments come and go.  Some we will never remember and some we will always remember.  Was there ever a moment that you wish you could have back because you wanted to make it grand?  Was there something you should have said to make someone understand how you feel about them?  Connecting with others is how we change the world and truly love one another.  Too many times, I see people just getting by from one day to the next without the willingness to take chances.  They stay on the same road, complaining that they are on this same road, but do nothing different.  But what if you did one little thing, that didn’t cost a dime or time to plan, that could change someone’s life forever?  It is not about you and never should it be.  It is about trying to be better than you were yesterday and if that means anything to you, then it means you have to do something about the life you live and the moments you leave with the rest of us.  It means that you care less about if someone is watching, and more about the act itself.  It urges you to do something fabulous.  Be brave as you make the BIG gesture as it will be what leaves an impression on us that we will forever replaying our hearts.

I found this video this week and it gave me goose bumps…this young lady can teach us all a lot making a HUGE gesture.  Can’t we all aspire to be like her?

Be BIG!!!

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