You hold the key

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Even if you think you don’t.  You do.  You know it and I know it.  But we let fear dictate that hold on us so that we never unlock what is meant to be set free…our soul.  Our passions and dreams that include the song of our hearts, where being entirely honest with our true self is unremarkable in a way that is almost impossible to explain.  We actually become different people and the our normal world seems so distant and fake.  Do you know what I am saying?  There is an inner calling in each of us but we ignore it time after time.  We dismiss it and cover it up with the routine we follow and then wonder why nothing changes.  We want what we don’t have but are not willing to do anything different to have something different.  I believe I have heard that as a definition of insanity – “Doing the same thing expecting different results.”  Is this you?  I found myself censoring the words I truly wanted to share with people over the last week and it just kills me inside.  I am so conscious of it that I actually hesitate and hold back, which is against the promise I made to myself in my Life Statement.  So, what do I do?  For me, I have unlocked what I need to do and what I am here for as my conscious self is now led by the heart.  I KNOW what I am here for and need to keep moving ahead that everything will come in due time.  But what about you?  Don’t look elsewhere for happiness and your destiny…you hold the key and even if we point it out to you, no one else can turn the key, open the lock, and set you free except you.  You have to make that choice.  I have seen what that transformation looks like — similar to a mere caterpillar changing into a beautiful butterfly.  As that alteration took place, I was amazed at just how a simple turn of a key could unfold into pure joy and happiness.  I will never forget being a part of that wonderful makeover.  The caterpillar never looks to be anything but what it was BORN to be and you should do the same.  You hold the key…turn it and unlock all of what your life is meant to be.

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