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I cannot believe how motivated I am right now…I am living life to the fullest, loving every moment, treasuring every memory, and anxiously looking forward to many more yet to come.  Every where I turn, I see something that is just BEGGING for me to try it.  And you know what?  I am!!  Even if I go into something with a great attitude and effort and if it turns out different from I expected, I still love it.  I had a great time yesterday with two friends running through some mud and climbing over obstacles and even though we were slow (except for LF), we did it.  There were some walls that we needed to climb over and even though the mud was cold and slippery, we never went around…we gave it one more try.  JK said “GO BIG OR GO HOME!”  LOL.  So, I ask you today, are you ready to go big?  Even when we want to give up, give it one more try.  That one time you don’t can be the one time you succeed.  And if you give up, then you never know what you are truly capable of doing.  “If you do not believe in yourself by now, you probably never will.” But you can always start.  IT STARTS TODAY!!!  What do you want to do once?  My list of things keeps getting longer and longer.  I may make a fool of myself and laugh about it later, but I am going to love every minute of it.  This week, I had people suggesting to take a picture of me at a type of party that I would never would have attended before, but I went and it surprised my friends that were there.  I am trying to keep people guessing at what I am going to do next.  I am not sure that my husband has any idea of the woman he thought he married to the one he is married to now.  I am different…I am better…I am adventurous.  In my past life, I lived a life of safety and whenever I tried anything new or just testing the limits, it ALWAYS turned out bad.  So what did that teach me?  Don’t do it.  So, I didn’t.  But lately, things have not turned out bad…they actually are fun and it may not be in my control all of the time, but I can live with whatever comes my way.  I will get through it.  Live and learn.  If my knees get a little scratched up at the time, so be it.  If I fall on my face, I know I have to get back up and give it one more try.  No one ever plans to fail, but it happens.  To the best of us at the worst of times.  Look for new adventures and embrace them when they come.  Love them for how they change you and grow from that experience.  Appreciate what you have but want more so that can grow and be better.  My new favorite quote…”Be ambitious.  No one ever won by planning how to come in second.”

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