Who we become along the way

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Circumstances we never thought we would experience have brought us to this point.  Chance meetings have grown into lifelong friendships that cannot ever be explained.  Who are you?  Are you where you thought you would be?  Some time ago, someone told me that I was not the same “Homme” that I was when I started working at my current job — my reply was, “You are right.  I am better.”  There was a pre-determined plan that brought me here and although it was  sometimes surrounded by unpleasantries and hurt, I still never thought I would get here.  I am not even sure that I could tell you where “here” is, but I do know that I cannot imagine being anywhere else.  And I cannot imagine being anyone else, either.  With each step backwards, I have learned a lesson — even if it is was not one I wanted to learn.  Especially.  With every heartbreak do we not learn what we want the next time in a relationship?  I remember building our first house and as we lived in the house, we learned what NOT to do the next time (no carpet under a dining room table with 3 boys under the age of 6, for example).  So, when the opportunity came up again, we took our knowledge and made sure to not make the same mistake twice.  I have learned that some people will stay around for a short time and will expect something that will never come and when that happens, they will choose to walk away.  Then, there are those that quietly hang out on the sidelines, trusting in the love that is freely given and remain ever faithful.  I was not one to trust others for years, but I think it was more of a lack of committment on my part — that if I let someone see too much then they would choose to leave.  For reasons never understood and usually at the worst of times.  Hesitation becomes a way of life.  It has been said that a baby learns more in its first year of life than it does in all of the years that follow, but I might argue that point.  Every day, I grow and learn and develop a better understanding of who I am and the kind of person I want to be.  In order for me to fully accept what is in store for me, I also have to accept the good with the bad and the easy with the difficult.  I have struggled in many ways, but I have never struggled at who I am and am grateful for the journey that I have been blessed to travel.  This is who I have become along the way.  Where are you headed?  Who will you become?  I look forward to our paths crossing someday.

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