Forks in the road

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Those forks come up from time to time in the roads we travel and it causes us to pause as we try to make a decision, hoping for a great outcome.  But life doesn’t always work that way.  Sometimes, we end up on roads we never thought we would travel, but as we have ventured out more, we find that we might enjoy more.  I know I have done more of that lately and even admitted (quietly) that I need some help in some areas.  In the past, taking the well-traveled path or the path that I was familiar with would have been a no-brainer for me, but now I am not so sure.  Just because a road seems to lead to a dead-end, it doesn’t mean you were not meant to travel that road.  It was there for a reason.  You may not like the reason or even understand it.  But eventually, it will make some sense to you.  Are there decisions that you are debating to make because you cannot see far enough up the road to see which one turns out better?  We all wish we could see what is just around that next corner, but we cannot.  We have to take each moment as it comes and make the best decision which the choices we have available to us.  Sometimes, the best decision still ends up in something bad happening, but it could have been worse if we had selected the other decision.  But we only know that after the decision has been made — never before.  We come to a point in our lives when we have to decide what to do next and how do we get there and the answers may not be visible at that time.  As I continue to travel the road I am currently on, I will never forget the experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met along the way for they have helped me get to where I am.  I will never forget either.  Even if you are contemplating a decision, understand and accept that it has been placed in front of you for a reason.  Not to create more stress or to move you into making a wrong decision.  The forks are there because it is the only piece of silverware that gives us a choice!

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