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Aren’t we all underestimated?  We are, if we have ever been told that we cannot achieve something.  We are, if we have never really reached our true potential.  We are, if we are ready to do this right now.  There is ABSOLUTELY now limit on what we can do.  None.  The only limits that exist are in our minds.  Someone told me once that she refused to fail, but what she meant is that she refuses to fail in a big way.  I am sure we all experience failure, even little steps back can teach us something.  It teaches us to go in another direction.  This week, a woman sat in my office and poured out her heart to me as tears fell from her face.  She is ready for more but does not know how to get there.  People underestimate how the smallest of things mean the most and make an imprint on us that can never be removed.  We forget why we are here and what it means to show compassion and care about someone more than you care about yourself.  If even just for a moment…one moment…where that is ample to change to influence someone else’s life forever.  Earlier this week, I posted something about some of the things I want to do before I am 50 and I have many more on that list that I never mentioned.  People may think I can’t, but I think they underestimate me.  I told someone the other day that I was off to change the world, and he looked at me like, “Are you serious?”  Yes, I get that look a lot.  But that is ok.  We have so much more inside of us that our true potential is never fully spent.  We always find more, as if it were an endless supply of desire and hope.  Do you feel it?  How far can you go?  Are you willing to do what needs to get done, even if it is waiting patiently or taking a step back in order to move forward?  When we estimate, we guess at what we think the end result will be.  I was never very good at the “guess how many jelly beans are in the jar” game.  I was always low and couldn’t believe that the jar held THAT many jelly beans.  I must have only counted what I could see and forgot about the ones in the middle.  That is what none of us can see — the inside — and that is where we show everyone that they underestimated us.  Completely.

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