You have your own GPS – use it!

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I was thinking about this today and have not even been home for 15 minutes before I had to get on and tell you what crazy stuff was rolling around in my head again. I know it must just make you think all kinds of weird stuff, but I am going to say it anyway. How many of us have wanted to try something, but were afraid to? How many of us allowed others views interfere or distract us from trying? Are your hands still up? I had lunch with someone from work that I don’t normally work with, and I don’t know her very well either. We had a nice visit and ate way too much (ok, maybe that was just me) and expect to do lunch again. I went with no expectations and told L that I was just being me. Why can’t we throw caution to the wind sometimes and follow the course our hearts are leading us towards? We have our own internal GPS and yet we are constantly trying to develop our own way of getting where we need to go. I don’t think society ever heard of the word, “recalculating” until GPS devices became so mainstream. That is what we do all the time – we recalculate and try to steer off of the course already planned for us. You know it and I know it. Even if you fail, you will learn what not to do next time. Even if you have to make adjustments, you will have learned something. Men are so visual and have to have the path very clear so they know what direction to turn and when. We all know they won’t ask for directions, because they have their own GPS (outdated maps and out of date technology is a bad thing). Men still care what it looks like to others if they ask for help. Us women have no problem asking for it, because we do not have the time to be wasting trying to figure it out. When we follow our GPS and do what it is guiding us to do, we need to believe it and so do those around us. They cannot question it, no can we always explain it. We just trust it and have faith in it. Regardless of what happens after we decide to take a chance on following our heart, we will not regret leaping on our faith. We have to live with no regrets, with being “all in”, showing our “moxie” and doing our thing. Our lives and hearts will NEVER be full and satisfied until we do. If it takes all day and night to convince someone to believe in all that you are and all that you are meant to be, then you spend all day and night. Keep reaching for more, to be more, to make the world better because you are in it. You have to try to even though it may not work out the way you thought it might, it may just work out even better than you expected. Embrace the journey that you have been given to travel and share your knowledge, your heart, your smile, and all that makes you “you” with everyone. Take the chance to lay it all out there – believing that you don’t care what happens next. You are not going to remember what happened yesterday; you are going to focus on today. Your GPS is always with you, never needs upgrading, or a change of batteries. It lies deep within your soul and once you tap into it, it can never be turned off and silenced. Trust it.

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