An Army of One

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Do you know what you can do as an army of one? We show how strong we are when we are willing to stand alone. We know it may be temporary, but who hasn’t had that experience when you are in a group of people and you know that no one, no one, wants to be the first one to say or do something. But isn’t it amazing how many people will follow suit after someone else has broken the ice for them? It makes it easier to follow when someone else has already paved the way for you. “Conformity is only popular when it is the majority.” Someone has to take the first step in order for there to be a second and so forth. I have no familiarity with the military, but I know what it means to go into battle. I know what it feels like when you think you are alone and no one will come to help or stand beside you. A brigade is a fleet of personnel that will assist you and that is what we are here to do for you. Right now, I feel like an Army of One. I question my strength, but never, ever do I question my committment to doing what my heart tells me to. I told a young lady last night that I was pursuing a new adventure and told her mom and they both were very excited about it. I will have some upcoming meetings that may take that new adventure to places I have never been. As much as I am nervous about this new journey, I have to try. I have to give it my everything. Are you willing to stick your neck out there and try something you always wanted to, but haven’t? It begins with one dream, followed by the passion fueling that dream, then one question, and then one step closer to making that dream a reality. It starts with you…everyday…to change the world, if even your world. Sometimes people notice when you change, and other times they don’t. But you notice. This started as an Army of One, but over the last 16 months has become something that has grown in ways I never imagined. Someone very dear to me gave me a book that she inscribed, “I hope 2011 brings you all you have ever dreamed of and more than you could ever imagine.” So far, this year has been more than that and we are not even to June. Start your own army. Remember, It Starts Today.

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