Opposites that work

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Rock and I work, for whatever reason. We just do. And we know it. How many things in your life do you see that there cannot be a connection between two people or things but they compliment each other so well, that they are better together than they were without each other. That’s us. It is like two pieces in the puzzle – they are different pieces with different shapes and colors, yet they fit together perfectly. What do you have in your life that compliments each other? Do you see how they can work together and make you better than you were without them? I have realized this week that I am better at being me when I stop trying to be who everyone else wants me to be. I cannot do it any longer. I received an email the other day from a colleague who I shared my blog with who really seemed to be looking for something as she might have some struggles in her personal life. KD – keep asking the questions and the answers will come. Believe that they will. It will work – have patience, work at it even when you think you can’t. Opposites work because they are not competing against each other. They compliment each other. Sometimes what we look for is not what we see. There is a balance when you have two things that are opposites, and therefore one can never be higher or more important than the other. They are equal. Rock and I have things in common – like getting up early and walking/running; being goofy and laughing out loud; and being able to snap our fingers only with our left hand. The way we work is when we can be thinking the same thing about something just said and we never have to say a word about it (kitty). We work because we will always be there for each other and care more about the other one than we do ourselves. I am better because of her and I know she is better because of me. Things that just “are” that never really have to work hard at “being” are always the best. Guess that is us, because we just work. Don’t you think so?

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