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Are you listening? Not just pretending to hear, but really listen? When we take time to quiet all of the other voices going on around us, and listen to what our hearts are trying to tell us? We have to make that time. HAVE TO! We all are busy in our daily lives, with kids, spouses, work, other responsibilities, etc. It seems like it never ends. I know time is my biggest enemy. I need more of it or need to use it more wisely to accomplish more. I really am trying to listen because there seems to be signs and occurences that seem to be trying to get my attention. I have to listen to whatever is being shared with me. Some times our plans do not seem to serve those we are meant to serve in our life. I am meant to serve others with my ramblings here and in person. I don’t hear what I say when I am talking to others but have been told after the fact that it was neat to watch. I have never seen it and I am such a hard critic of myself, that maybe me watching it would not be a good idea. Listen to those that seek you out – they are coming to you for advice or help. Be willing to share what you have with them. They will always remember that. Listen to what is not said – sometimes we learn more from a touch, from a smile, from a kind gesture. It costs you nothing and you may have just made someone’s day by saying, “hello”. Listen to your heart – it will never steer you wrong and will provide you with all of the answers you seek. Use your heart as your internal compass and it will ultimately guide you to where you are meant to be. Listen to the joy when you can give it away. It is too much for you and you are repaid two-fold when you give it to someone else. Be humble and appreciative for where you come from, how you are today, and what road you must still travel. If you choose to listen, you will be amazed at what you hear. But you have to be open and really concentrate…even on those things that never make a sound. Those are the ones we all search for, but you know it when you find it. Don’t ever let go.

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