You have the G.I.F.T.

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Last night, Mike and I were going over our schedules for the day and he said, “You have the G.I.F.T.”  It kind of made me chuckle.  Lately, I have been receiving compliments left and right and not sure how to process them.  I simply say, “Thank you.”, but inside it makes me cringe. Really, if you only knew.  Oh, I guess you know now.  I am sure, more will come my way today as I am going WAAAY outside my comfort zone with what I am wearing to work.  Yesterday, I received a funny card in the mail for no reason, other than someone thought of me.  It made my day and made me laugh, but what really floored me was the impact I have made on people’s lives, without realizing what I have done.  I do not like to take credit for having done something for someone else.  I just don’t.  Never have and never will.  “Because we never know if something we say or do can have an impact on someone else, we have to assume that everything can.” – Michelle Homme  What talents do you have that need to be shared with us?  Why do you not share them?  I posted some time ago about never apologizing for talent.  Never dismiss what you do well because chances are that what seems effortless to you may be something that someone else would love to know how to do.  I know my list has a few things on it.  When we show others what we do and love, then we give others permission to try new things.  Things that scare us all.  Things that make us nervous.  But, it gives us permission to try.  What can you be doing that will make an impact on someone else?  You don’t have to see it come to light and you don’t have to ever receive notification that you were a part of it.  But it grows from there and then your G.I.F.T. © becomes so much bigger than something you said or did.  It has a life and it touches those we will never meet, but we will have changed our world.  How easy does that sound?  Your G.I.F.T. can change the world and the people in it.  What an absolute fabulous legacy to leave.  You have the G.I.F.T.©

Michelle Homme 2012 ©

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