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I have not been one to accept help from people for most of my life.  I was (and still consider myself on some occasions) Wonder Woman, after all.  But if someone is helping me and I try to rebuff it and dismiss it, all they have to say to make their point is, “Would you do it for me?”  Shyly, with extreme humbleness, I have to say, “Yes.”  That means I have to let them do it for me.  But it is still difficult, even if the task is minor.  What I have come realize is that when we refuse help that we really need, we are taking away the opportunity for someone else to feel valued.  Their gift to us is to help…to make it better…to make us happy.  Those people in our lives that offer help when you really need it do it for you.  Because you are important and you are loved.  I know someone who tries to take on too much (oh, wait, that’s me) and instead of asking for help, she feels like she has to do it all herself.  She becomes focused on the tasks at hand and forgets that others are standing right beside her, just waiting to be called in.  No one ever wants to feel like a burden to those they care about and I am reminded of a quote from Dr. Seuss — “Those that mind, don’t matter.  Those that matter, don’t mind.”    We all need help from time to time.  We all need to get the chance to help others.  We work hand in hand.  It is easier to give assistance than to ask for it.  I know that very well.  If you would do it for me, because I asked, then you have to let me do it for you.  “I will be whatever you need, for as long as you need, because you need me.”  What we miss…what we crave…what we think isn’t there…is hard to accept and admit that we need something.  I NEED to run.  But I don’t run for anyone else but me.  However, when the time comes, and you have to ask that question….you know the one…(ok, here is a hint…”Can you help me?”)…I have to feel in comfortable in the asking because I know what the answer will be.  It’s ok to admit that you cannot do it all.  None of us can.  But because I would do it for you, I also know that I have to let you do it for me. 

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