Courage to care

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It is so easy to do nothing.  But when you lay it all out there and care for someone other than yourself, it means you make yourself vulnerable and not everyone is willing to pay that price.  But you can step up for what you believe in and make sure someone knows you care and love who they are to you.  But do you realize that when you care for someone else, you can make a difference in that other person’s life?  I love to be inspired and find it in the most unusual places…this will bring you to tears….Runner helps fellow runner.  It could have been so easy for the first runner to pass the other girl, but she doesn’t.  She grabs her and helps her cross the finish line and actually makes sure that the other runner gets her feet across first.  What an extraordinary sight.  That is what sportsmanship is all about.  That is what makes us all equal.  No one ever wants to be the one that needs the help and those that offer the help don’t want the recognition for giving it.  But when you look around today, have the courage to care more about someone else than you care about yourself.  Take the time and effort to say the kind words that will resonate someone’s soul and remind them many moments from that time how you touched them.  Because of that, you will never be forgotten.  Care to give someone that smile or hug that may be desperately needed, but never asked for.  Make eye contact with someone where neither one of you could ever find the right words to say.  Courage is there in your heart…it is a part of you.  Standing up for what you believe in because it is the right thing to do, even when no one stands alongside you.  We all bleed red…we all have the same emotions…we all should have the courage to care about one another.

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