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do anything you want to and make this world better.  Do you believe that?  I mean, REALLY believe that?  Or do you just agree with this because it is easier?  Guess what?  We all NEED to believe that.  Since I never know when something I say becomes significant to someone else, you have to know that you could help someone find that perfect outfit…you could inspire them to start running…you could get them to be excited about playing baseball again…it can happen.  How do I know?  Because I have seen it.  I have lived it.  I have been a part of something bigger than I could ever imagine myself being and it still keeps getting bigger.  I always hope you find what you are looking for, but you also don’t have to look very far to find it.  Last week, a good friend told me what her dream is and I asked her what she is doing to pursue it.  She said money is what holds her back…I told her that the biggest part is over…she has the “what” – now she just has to wait for the “how”.  Watching it unfold is always something I treasure.  I have been involved in a couple of things from the beginning and have watched it BLOOM into what it is now and anticipate what the future has yet to bring.  A couple of times, I may have had a small part in making that come true and that is all I need.  I have truly loved and cherished the ride and am glad that I will always remember each and every one.  But what do you bring to the table to make this world better?  Do you try to make the world better?  Why not?  Because it is easier.  You could be the one to do what no one else has ever done before…you could be a trailblazer and you start as an Army of One.  I sit here with a half grin on my face as I think about what I can do today and what surprises life will bring to me as I watch the sun crest over the roof of my house.  It could be your turn today to change someone’s world.  Don’t take the easy way…

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