Are you who you said you would be?

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When we were little, did we dream about being an astronaut or a doctor or a teacher or a mom or dad?  But more importantly, we probably didn’t dream about being kind and generous, or mean and hateful.  But as you look deep into who you are, are you who you said you would be?  What if you aren’t?  Can you change it? You bet you can.  Someone told me once that people don’t like her because she is nice.  Seriously?  Growing up, I didn’t necessarily knew what I wanted to be, but I knew what I didn’t want to be.  A friend of mine posted on Facebook today, “Don’t let the things happening around you change who you are.”  Thanks, MK!!  We all have dreams of where we thought we would be and events have happened to us that were never part of our big plan.  Some people are surprised that I am who I am knowing where I came from.  It was a difficult road at times, but it was mine to take and I have no regrets about being on that road.  Everything happened as it was meant to.  But when I think about what kind of person I am and the type of attributes that others would use to describe me, I am EXACTLY who I said I would be.  Maybe I didn’t say it out loud or make a proclamation of some kind, but I am proud of who I am.  I am a giver and not a taker.  I care more about others than I do myself.  I am humble and not boastful.  I am working hard to make the world better instead of bringing it down.  I will fight when it is worth fighting for and will walk away when it’s not.  Who are you?  Are you who want to be?  When you look at yourself in the mirror, are you proud of what you see?  Growing up, I didn’t realize what it meant to be “proud” of someone else.  I was always embarrassed by my own accomplishments, so I did not understand what pride meant.  Now, I know.  It brings me to tears when I think of the most important people in my life and when I think of the transformations they have made to bring them where they are now.  If you are not who you said you would be, what can you do to make it different?  Everything always comes down to choice.  Once you make that choice, then attitude and effort come in.  You have to think a certain way in order to want to act a certain way.  But you first have to choose.  What do you choose today?  Are you who you said you would be?  Can you be more?  It always takes more to be more.

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