Should a chance come to you…

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would you take it?  Even if you had no idea what you were doing?  Have you ever just had to swallow hard, hoping no one hears, and just go for it?  Fighting through every thing that terrifies you that makes you want to run away as if you were on fire?  We could all probably say that we have been there a time or two.  I know my hand went up.  We are challenged every time we take chances that are scary and the outcome is unknown and more so, unpredictable.  Would you reach out to someone who needs you more than you need them?  Even though the words are never spoken.  Would you keep saying, “Good morning!” to someone who would not give you the time of day?  But what if those chances came to you every day and you just let them pass you by without any attempt on your part to help someone else?  Someone told me that people don’t like her because “she is nice.”  Really???  Seriously???  I guess those “haters” are just jealous of those of us that don’t have to work at being nice, but they work really hard at being “haters”.  Chances come to us every day in forms we may not recognize and know what to do with, but we have to take them.  We have to remember what we are here for and use those abilities and talents that we are born with to make it better.  Do you shy away from those opportunities where you can truly shine?  Why?  Yesterday, I was told I was awesome for nothing really big that I did and I replied, “I’m just me.”  She made me smile when her reply was, “If this is you just being you, then that is just fine with me.”  Funny when we are just ourselves, that our BEST SELVES come to the surface without any real effort on our part.  What chances can you take today?  You don’t have to have the master plan in front of you.  Sometimes, using your gut and letting your heart guide is what works best.  Taking one step to do something different can give someone else that one chance they have been waiting for…and you were the one that was meant to give it to them.  Don’t ever pass up on a chance to do something different.  It’s not about you.

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