Off to save the world!

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Yesterday, I stop in to see Rocky and on my way out, I say to her, “I’m off to save the world!  It is what I do.”  Yes, this is a little related to the Wizard of Oz and through this adventure with her, there were references along the way related to this same movie.  But Dorothy had it all wrong…she thought she needed to find the Wizard and he was her only hope to help her find her way home.  When in the end, in turned out she had the ability to go home with her the entire time.  We are like that sometimes…looking for someone else to guide us to where we already know we need to go.  After I made that comment to her, I had no idea what the rest of the day would be like, but always thankful for those little surprises that come my way.  Once I got to work, I received a wonderful email from a dad whose son I had helped and he was very appreciative with my attentiveness to his questions with prompt replies and this allowed the process to be smoother than perhaps they had anticipated.  As we traded a few more emails about how I believe that we all can make a difference, but we have to try, it dawned on me that perhaps I started the feat of “saving the world” by helping him or his son.  Later, I get a nice little text from a new friend – RE – about something that we have to do today and since she is new to CONSTANT CHANGE TODAY, she is learning about what I do here.  Later, I talk to a fellow employee who says he has read some of the quotes I have posted in my office.  His attitude is one that should be bottled up and given away as it is contagious and I could tell as we were visiting that we were very much on the same page.  So, even though I don’t even know why I said that to Rocky in the morning, it became evident that I was given that task yesterday without really knowing it.  I know that saving the world is a big job for anyone, but I think we can start small and then it takes on a life of its own.  If we save one person a day and there are 7 million people in the world, then the task seems too big.  But what if the Army of One is no longer One?  What if people who take the extra time to help someone pick up the trash left by a ball field?  What if we stop thinking about ourselves (for a change!) and care more about others, knowing we will not get anything in return?  What if we think we are just doing out job, but others view it as going out of your way?  Would you do it again?  You know you would!  In a second! Without a second thought.  Not because someone noticed or complimented you.  Not because it puts more money in your pocket or you are given a promotion.  Because YOU become that Army of One, just like me.  We don’t do it for glory or praise.  We do it for how it makes us feel and nothing or no one can ever take that away from you.  There is no resume or experience needed to fill the job of saving the world.  How we think we are going to save it may not be what happens in the long run.  Some people might be a little intimidated by the responsibility of saving the world, but not me.  I am here to do exactly that, one person at a time.  What is on your list of things to do today?  Does it include saving the world?  It should and yes, you can.  One person at a time.  Believe me…I have seen it and been that one person as well.  But it starts with you…always. There is no Wizard.  So, as you enjoy your FUN DIP WEDNESDAY, remember where I will be….off saving the world!!

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