All of a sudden

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Have you ever just totally got something….seriously, like it hits you upside the head?  Meaning, it finally makes sense.  Sometimes, you cannot even pinpoint why you now got it, when ten seconds ago you were miles away from getting it.  Last week, I found this quote and fell in love with it… “That’s how things come clear.  All of a sudden.  And then you realize how obvious they’ve been all along.” – Madeline L’Engle  Has this ever happened to you?  It seems to happen to me more.  Maybe I just notice it more, but it literally stops me in my tracks.  Ask Rocky…she has seen it.  Perhaps you have seen it with others.  When everything makes sense and you have no questions.  This whole process with me came on all of a sudden and without warning, I might add.  When you are unsure of the meaning and your only question seems to be, “Why?”  (I’ve been there and done that, too), please have patience until you stop asking yourself “why?”.  It will come.  Maybe not when you expect it to and not in the way you thought it would, but you eventually will get there.  And when you get to that point, you have to come to the conclusion that it was right there…right in front of you, but you never saw it before.  Looking back, I remember certain, intangible moments that now make sense to me and were little drops of light trying to shine their way through in my every day life.  Little hints to direct me down the path I was destined to follow.  But I ignored them or didn’t see their significance and threw them away.  It is only now when I can truly gather their meaning and understand what they were trying to show me.  If you are troubled with clouds that sit somewhere where they only keep you from doing what you should, there will come a time when they will disappear and you will be left with clear skies.  You will not be waiting for it.  You will not expect it.  it will come out of nowhere and then and only then, will you get it.  Expect the unexpected.

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