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My dad is going to cringe when he reads how many grammatical corrections need to be made for the title of this post.  Sorry, Dad!  I will try not to make any in the body of this post, which is where it really matters anyway.  Do you tell yourself this every morning?  Well, you should!  Say it to the world…say it to your friends…say it to your co-workers.  Every day is a new day and with it brings new adventures, new challenges and everything in between.  But you can rock someone’s world…you can make a difference…you can inspire others.  Yesterday, I attended a meeting for a national organization that is organizing a local chapter to encourage those of us that want to make speaking and writing our next profession and help us make that dream a reality.  As we each listened to our own 30-second commercial about ourselves, I learned a lot about the others in the room, but also learned more about myself.  I learned that I am farther along in some respects than others in that room.  I also learned that I am not where I want to be…yet.  After the meeting had adjourned, a woman approached me and inquired about working with youth and as we shared more about what brought us to this moment, she reached for me and gave me a hug.  It was not the typical handshake, “great to meet you” fakeness that you sometimes see.  But as I hugged her, it felt genuine and true.  I gave S my card and look forward to hearing from her soon.  The biggest surprise I had was when someone I have worked with for years (we have dealt with each other via email and/or phone)said her name as we have never met.  At the break, we said hello to each other and as I shared a story with her, I had her in tears, because of how happy it made her.  I am sure that TW never had an idea that this is what I do outside of work and she will get to see more of who I am as mover forward in this quest to make my dream a reality.  When I ran my half marathon a couple of weeks ago, I had some expectations, but they were merely there as general guides, with the time I finished in almost being irrelevant.  I just didn’t want to be last.  My dream has no set deadline that I must have certain things completed by – I just don’t want to be last.  As I continue to move forward and work hard in whatever time I can find, I know “YOU AIN”T SEEN NOTHING YET!!”

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