A life of meaning

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I should be out running right now, but my body thought otherwise this morning.  That is when some of my best thinking comes, too!  Today, I want to evaluate your life and decide if it has meaning…not just to your immediate family and friends, but to people you may never meet.  Would you give up a lifetime of shallowness for a brief moment full of meaning?  Some people might have difficulty answering that question and maybe do not understand the complexness of it.  For most of my life, I had probably lived a life where I was camped out in the shallow end, never venturing too far into any deeper water.  It is safe in the shallow end and there are a lot of other people like you that can keep you company.  Some of us will always remain in the shallow end and search for nothing more.  Never reaching their true potential, these people are satisfied with the “ho-hum” of normal everyday life that they have become accustomed too.  Having been someone who was a frequent quest to the protected side of the pool, I also can say that I no longer venture there very often.  It is too quite and mundane for me anymore.  I have to be out in the deep end, treading water as I try to stay afloat and if I were to die in the process, I know I would have left meaning on those I came in contact with during that brief time.  All we have are moments — brief little encounters, surrounded by tiny tidbits where we are changed forever.  Those are the moments we should always try to capture and maintain into being the cornerstone of our everyday living.  What does your life mean?  Have you given more of yourself than you expect from others?  Do you strive to make others around you happier and bring them joy, and in doing so, it makes you happy and joyous as well?  If something were to happen to me tomorrow, I know that at least the last two and half years, I lead a moment of meaning and that my legacy will always remain.  Be memorable, not shallow.

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