When you sparkle

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Now, those that know me know that I am not a girly-girl.  I am far from it.  I am a tom-boy and always have been.  So for me to use the word, “sparkle” and then speak on it must be pretty big, even if I say so myself.  Sometimes, I call it when you bloom — when you show the world who you really are — and it shows.  Have you ever had such an experience like that when you relive it over in your head in hopes of making it make sense.  But nothing changes in that replay of the truth and yet something you dismiss as insignificant can be treasured by others.  It can change people in ways they never ever imagined and that gives everyone hope…but it starts with a little sparkle…a little color…We all need to see things that make us laugh and make us shine…sometimes they are the things we run from the most.  I could not run in these shoes, let alone walk.  I am sure a twisted ankle would be in order.  But here is the big question…do you sparkle and bring color to those around you?  A few days ago, I received a surprise text that really made me think about what I could’ve done to bring light to this woman’s life…I could not think of a thing.  I know I make her laugh and her smile is just as beautiful, but I think it might have been some time since she had heard that.  My telling her that made her shine brighter.  What are you doing to bring “sparkle” and “color” to our world?  Are you doing all you can to give more to others than you take for yourself?  I know I can always do more and give more…not for my benefit, but so others can have their moment and SPARKLE!!  SHOW YOUR MOXIE!! 

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