What does it take?

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How much can one person endure before they want to give up?  What does it take to believe that these horrible circumstances are meant to teach us to still look forward to tomorrow?  Just when things start to get a little good and through minor struggles, in the big picture, you are all right.  Then, it is all taken away in a matter of seconds…your life will never be the same again.  Never again.  Will you quit fighting for the one thing that is always yours or are you going to hold onto it with every last bit of strength?  This is a test.  Like all tests, there are lessons to be learned, but it is not something you can learn from studying or by reading…you have to experience it.  It has to take you someplace where you really have to dig deep…to find out what you are made of and who you want to be.  This test will be failed by some and barely passed by others.  Then there are those that use this test to motivate them to higher places than they ever thought possible.  What does it take and do you have it?  It is not something that can be purchased or given…you have to find it for yourself.  You have to want it more than anything else and you refuse to give in to the easy road.  You have to perservere…you have to believe.  Someone I know is facing a very difficult road ahead and my wish is that he doesn’t give up.  I will never tell him that it would be easy, but he has to believe it.

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