Knowing who you are

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Do you know who you are?  Not just think, but KNOW?  There is a difference between being told who you are and knowing who you are.  HUGE difference.  People develop opinions of who you should be, what you should do, what you shouldn’t do, and we allow those opinions to be more important than we think.  WHY???  Because it makes them happy and we become accustomed to pleasing others, but forget about pleasing ourselves.  Don’t get me wrong…there are some good, rational opinions out there that help keep us grounded and guide us where we need to be when we get too far out there.  I know all about rational and logical as I might’ve given Leonard Nimoy a run for his money in that arena.  Growing up, anything and everything had to make sense to me.  Even if the decision was based on emotion, it would have to be explained to me.  I ask questions all of the time and sometimes people don’t understand that I am not questioning them, but the process.  But who are YOU?  Are you misled by others around you who think YOU should be someone else?  Are you surprised by the things that bring you joy, because you finally allow yourself to feel that?  I wasn’t one that showed a lot of emotion growing up and that carried over into my adult life, until about a year ago.  It was hard for me to even admit that I would let the guard down and cry.  But on certain occasions, that is who I am and I make no apologies for it, either.  How can we change if we do not evaluate who we are and why?  Why certain experiences and people leave footprints on us that remain for mere moments and others that last a lifetime.  I know I do not like to shop and I know that it makes me feel uncomfortable.  Probably because I did not do a lot of it when I was younger, so I never really learned how.  I know…I know…there is no learning lesson on “how” to shop, but I was afraid of doing it wrong.  I know…I know…  But I also know what I believe to be true and to follow my heart.  I know what incidents have guided me to steer away from things I did not want.  We all know people who seek the spotlight and love being the “life of the party”.  We all know people who would rather be a wall flower and quietly go with the flow.  Then there are rest of us, where we fall somewhere in between.  I told the GALS to write down six words that describe themselves…what six words would you use?  If you were to ask your closest friends to write down six words about you, would they use some, if not all, of the same words you used?  You know who you are…in the last couple of days I was reminded how my posts are “speaking” to another friend, even though I have not seen her recently.  Sometimes, when I write to all of you and it hits home to a place I never knew existed, you are REQUIRED to take notice – you cannot help it.  It grabs you as it almost takes your breath away and you are left stunned, asking yourself, “How did she know?”  Guess what?  I didn’t.  You know who you are – I just give you permission to see you for ALL that you are and by doing so, you BLOOM!!!!

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