Where is the reset button?

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You know, the do-over, Mulligan, 2nd chance button, where we get another shot at making it turn out right?  Guess what?  We don’t get one in life.  We have one chance and one chance only.  We never really get to start over and go back, but we can start from where we are.  People that are addicted to inanimate objects and things can quit and begin a new life, but that does not erase the life they have already lived.  So what is a person to do?  Go forward.  Living in the past and holding on to what was or what should have been is not going to change it and your wishing it doesn’t make it so.  We all have moments when we wish we could take back words that were said that sounded ok in your head, but came out wrong once your voice broke that silence.  Actions hopefully forgotten may also cloud our way to see ourselves moving ahead.  We cannot be so afraid that we will make the same mistakes again, so we do nothing.  That keeps us paralyzed and still and we are not meant for that at all.  We are not robots and are defined by our feelings and emotions that carry us through the memories that we hold dear.  You cannot go back…you have to let go…you cannot start over.  We all began the “race” of life the day we were born and have to keep moving as we travel our own “marathon”, but no one gets to start the race over if they fall or have to pull to the side to tie their shoe.  We pick ourselves up and keep going…even if we fall behind or are slower than the other runners.  We have to move forward as the momentum is pushing us in that direction.  Have you ever had that feeling when you get on a rollercoaster you are unsure about, but you don’t want to look silly (or like a chicken) in front of others, so you very hesitantly get on it and as soon as the lap belt is secured or the chair gate is closed, you want to say, “I want to get off!”?   But then, the operator of the ride makes their little safety speech and with a push of a button, you find yourself in that moment that you had always dreamt it would be and you throw your hands up and get caught up in the excitement of everything happening around you?  Although you were hesitant and nervous, you find that you want to relive those moments over and over again and even though your experiences will change, you humbly admit that you are glad no one was going to listen to you as you wanted to try to push the reset button.  Not going to happen.  Live your life…the race has already begun.

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