When the heart stays…

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I was a runner before I knew and understood that I was a runner.  But not in the way that I am a runner now.  I ran from situations that kept me confined and would want me to commit to staying longer, but it was easier to run.  So I did.  And not very many people came after me.  So, I did not realize that I was doing anything wrong and did not understand why I did it.  Now, I do.  But in the meantime, I also now treasure things like being home, having something familiar, and friends that care about me.  My heart now know what it means to be grounded, secure, and love that embrace that comforts me.  We may move from place to place and have new people who enter our lives, but I know when my heart stays.  I have left little pieces of me with others that will travel their own paths and will live on in their hearts.  The love I freely give to others is not something I planned on doing, but it is something that just happens.  I had been planning a special gift for someone just as special and was able to give it to her this week and I am so glad I did not miss that moment.  I had wanted to give it to her and let her open at her own time, but because her expression would be something that I did not want to miss, I chose to stay and see what that gift meant to her.  Have you left your heart with someone who you will always treasure and would find it difficult to explain how you to a certain place without including that person?  Even if we are separated by distance and time, our little pieces are left behind.  To remind them of great moments, wonderful feelings, and smiles that occur for no other reason than we were thinking about them.  I am very blessed and grateful for the people who are in my life that have chosen to leave their pieces with me and for that I have an overflowing heart with love and true friendship.  I can run all I want, but truth be told..my heart will stay.

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