When the tears come

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Has this ever happened to you? When you crumble and weep and hope that there is someone there to hold you? When for whatever reason, you find yourself ready to cash it all in and not even sure how to stop it, but it comes anyway? When something you hope for so long will finally be yours, but not sure that what you give to it will be enough? You feel lost and not even sure what prompted it, but it takes you there and you have to go through it. Everything you trust, all that you love, and with complete conviction, you find yourself crying like you have never cried before. You are not even afraid of what it may look like or what comes your way because of it, but find yourself more vulnerable and raw than you can remember. You let the tears fall where they do and you have no choice but to let them stain the shoulder they gently come to rest upon. The way you lay it all out there with no ways to retrace your steps, you admit that you choose to take that chance of letting someone else see you at your weakest moment. You let go of whatever it is that has driven you to this point and upon its release and the comfort you found in sharing this, you realize that you needed this to happen. It was meant to. This had a purpose in your life and you embrace it with all of its grace that comes to you going forward. As much as I would prefer to be the one with the stained shoulder, I have also been the one to be staining the shoulder. We will have our time to be both from time to time. Just admit it…the tears will come…let them do their job and cleanse us from whatever needs to be shed. Thank you for being my shoulder. I am glad I was yours.

Michelle Homme 2011 ©

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