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This is my 300th post for this blog. Evolution means “the process of growth” and I am evolving every day. Aren’t we all? If you don’t think you are, don’t you want to? I cannot even understand or comprehend how this all happened some days. Part of it seemed planned in some ways, but most of it kind of just “went” as if it had a life of its own. People that I thought were just going to pass through have become so much a part of me that I almost cannot remember my life before them. Things I never thought I would do have become easier to do and some of them I don’t even think about. I questioned places I needed to be as a mere detour, instead of appreciating the true meaning of its purpose. I studied the books in school and have lived a good life. But I am still learning. Yesterday, I broke and I am not even sure why. However, I knew where I needed to go and went there, almost without thinking. I gave up with trying to figure it all out…I let it happen. It was going to happen and I could not stop it. I learn more about myself, who cares about me, and what contributions I make in others’ lives. The change I have experienced almost seems too great to be true…almost indescribable. Every time, I become better at being who I truly am, sharing what I truly feel and think regardless of who might judge me. I have to be me. I have no regrets about the way life unfolded itself to me, as not having that life would not have given me the chance to evolve into what you see today. Evolution continues…stay tuned.

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