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I used to be very good at choosing for others. My track record was long and not really something to boast about, but I felt that it was the only way. I had conditioned myself to live my life in that fashion. I chose when people came into and out of my life; I chose when things got tough to run; I chose to keep it hidden. I have said that it is easy to share the good with others…not so easy to share the bad. But if the bad (or anything and everything) is a part of you, then I should get the chance to choose that, shouldn’t I? No prejudging because that is not allowed. One of my sayings is “Not my problem” and I use it when I try to deflect things that should not be someone else’s problem. But when I do that, I am choosing for them. That’s not fair to them. If they want me, then they should want everything that comes with me…the good, the bad, and the ugly. Those that stick around during the ugly choose to stay because I am worth it. Being “all in” means A & E – don’t sugar coat anything because I get enough candy eating Fun Dip once a week – be real. That is all anyone could ever want. Let me choose and don’t take that from me. I know you wouldn’t want me to choose for you and I have tried. Let those people in your life choose how they want to be in your life. It’s not about control…it’s about putting down the walls and letting people see the real you. And “you” are beautiful.

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